Answers to 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Divorces in Pennsylvania

In the olden days, or just a few years ago, online divorce was not an option. Since the process of online divorce is a relatively new one, many couples who are looking to end their marriages have questions about the online divorce process and whether it is right for them.

Some of the questions that we often hear include:

1)      Who qualifies for an online divorce? You may obtain an online divorce if you are filing a no fault divorce and you agree on the issues related to the end of your marriage such as division of property, child custody, child support and spousal support.

2)      How much will an online divorce cost? Currently an online divorce costs $199 through our Flash Divorce website. You will also be responsible for paying court filing fees directly to the court.

3)      Will my online divorce be successful? We offer a 100% court approval guarantee.

4)      Is it hard to do? No. Generally, you can fill out all the forms and have them ready for an attorney to review in about an hour.

5)      What is the difference between buying a “do it yourself” kit and obtaining an online divorce? When you get an online divorce through our site, an attorney will review your documents. You are not simply purchasing the forms as you would with a do it yourself kit.

Our Pennsylvania online divorce lawyers hope that the answers to these questions are useful to you. If you have additional questions, please contact us today via this website.