How to Get a Quick Divorce in Pennsylvania

You’ve decided that your marriage is over and one of your goals in ending your marriage is minimizing the time it takes to start your new life. You want to end this chapter and begin a new one as soon as possible. You want to minimize the time in between where you are separated, but not divorced and living alone, but not yet single.

Some divorces take a long time; however, yours may not. Generally, there are two secrets to getting a quick divorce in Pennsylvania. Specifically,

  • You and your spouse may file a no fault divorce based on mutual consent. Currently, a mutual consent divorce may be granted in as little as 90 days. This is much shorter than some of your other options such as a contested divorce or a divorce based on irretrievable breakdown of the marriage that may take more than two years to be finalized.
  • You and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce. This includes (if applicable), property division, child support, child custody and spousal support.

Attorney assisted divorce can also help expedite your divorce. For more information, we encourage you to browse the resources on our website or to call us at (215) 600-1643.