New York Uncontested Divorce

199The legal forms you need—PLUS legal advice—all for the same price you would pay a legal forms company.

If you are considering a divorce in New York, using FlashDivorce is a simple and inexpensive alternative for obtaining your no-fault divorce. Register with us, fill in the forms on your own schedule, and then complete the check-out process. Our lawyers will review your material and send back documents ready for your signature—along with complete instructions on filing for your divorce with the New York courts.

Couples filing an uncontested or no-fault divorce who agree on all marital issues such as the division of debts and property, child support, child custody, and visitation can qualify for an attorney-reviewed FlashDivorce for only $199.*

This is an attorney-reviewed online divorce at a do-it-yourself price. Get your divorce started in less than one hour. This means:

  • No more do-it-yourself legal guesswork – an attorney-reviewed online divorce can save you thousands in legal fees
  • No surprise fees
  • Guaranteed court approval

Ready to start? Click on the button below to begin the divorce process. You can save your answers and return later. When you're ready to move forward, simply pay by credit card and submit the divorce petition to our firm. 

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FlashDivorce was founded on the idea that doing what’s best for your family can be accomplished as painlessly as possible. We prove our effectiveness by achieving good results with minimal hardship for all people involved.

Above all, we believe our clients are best served by helping them create workable futures. Whenever possible, that should mean keeping your money where it belongs: Iin your pocket. In most cases, FlashDivorce can provide a lawyer-assisted no-fault divorce for as low as $199*. You would expect to pay that much or more elsewhere, just to obtain the necessary legal forms. Other firms charge more to provide other key documents, or they may increase their rates when the divorcing couple has children. We don’t gouge our clients: We provide all the documents you need for your divorce and support for the process with our attorney-review for one flat rate.

*About fees: Flash Divorce’s $199 price includes the appropriate forms and attorney-assistance. This does not include the modest fee that the court will charge when you file your divorce petition. The filing fee will vary according to your state’s schedule of fees.